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19yo Porn Debutante

by perVRt


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19yo Porn Debutante

180° 60 FPS
Studio: perVRt
Starring: Oxana Chic
Oct 14, 2019
Positions: leaning, staying
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@elixirrone  Thx a lot for the tech background here. I realy like the intimacy of sideways sex so if your Info helps i hope future recordings will be fine then again. Its very irritating otherwise :)
Horizon2019 (17.10.2019)
SexLikeRealVR (17.10.2019)
@Babygirl  @Horizon2019 This misalignment is because the male actor and camera tilted his head, so to view it correctly, you have to tilt (not turn) your head too! It's not the best thing. The only pros of this is the sideway sex position. But I would highly recommend that studios keep the camera upright, especially keeping in mind to have the beautiful actresses full face in range!! There were times Oxana's face is halfway out of range in cowgirl, or blocked by camera stand, or sideways. Keep them always in good view please!    And much more of Oxana Chic's VR videos please!!!!
elixirrone (17.10.2019)
@Horizon2019  that's an interesting remark, actually all the image alignment is made by the camera's manufacturer software, equally for all video files. maybe what you notice is due to the distance of the model from the camera. I can't say if it could be fixed, maybe the SLR masters could do that
perVRt (16.10.2019)
@Horizon2019  I mean the left and right Picture isn't alligned accurate Stereo from that time stamp on.
Horizon2019 (15.10.2019)
Awesome Recording :) Thx so much. Too bad that it gets crosseye at the end Part from 30:12 on. Perhaps this can be fixed?
Horizon2019 (15.10.2019)
@g2kbuffetb0y  hey, thanks a lot. the original files are now being edited in h264, but the original file we deliver to SLR is still 50 mbps bitrate, in this particular case it's a file of 12 GB. I have no idea why you can't download that one. maybe you should ask SLR support about it
perVRt (15.10.2019)
Thank you for another Oxana Chic scene! May I ask why the original files have changed from 6k hevc/h265 to 6k avc/h264? Generally I like to download the "original" source file but h264 isn't as good as h265, and the older 6k h265s used to be a nice 50Mbps bitrate (now they are only 18Mbps). Thanks!
g2kbuffetb0y (15.10.2019)
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