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In Bed with Lindsey Love

by SLR Originals


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In Bed with Lindsey Love

180° 60 FPS
Studio: SLR Originals
Starring: Lindsey Love
Feb 23, 2020
Positions: sitting, staying
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Good morning, lover boy! This hot SLR Original starts off with you opening your eyes next to the lovely Lindsey Love, smiling, laughing, and flirting your way through the morning. But that's only the start, she's ready to turn up the heat and put on some kinky lingerie before she gets WILD with you. Every inch of her flawless body is yours to enjoy as your pinch her nipples and taste her pussy, and you're getting the very best in virtual reality porn immersion with the experts in VR sex technology, SexLikeReal, and when you take our skill with a camera combined with Lindsey Love's skill with a cock... well, let's just say you're in for something REALLY special!

full video available for streaming.
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great video with a great girl but you guys need a little work; the director was literally directing mid-fuck. can yall just edit that out lol. and mute the male audio so it's just the girl. solid stuff otherwise
thebigd24 (2 days ago)
@Morrizzo  Unfortunately Lindsey and her bf had a problem with cowgirl, physically 
SLR Originals (25.03.2020)
Nice looking scene but without cowgirl it won't appeal to me too much. Also if a future scene finished that cowgirl with a creampie that would be an absolute knockout in my eyes!
Morrizzo (12.03.2020)
@BobbyBadass  Thank you for meaningful feedback! I'll pas technicalities to the production team, they might take a look there. Hopefully we will bring Lindsey back for some more action one day.
SexLikeRealVR (10.03.2020)
Wow, that was awesome! 😍 I have lusted after Lindsey Love ever since discovering her homemade channel on PornHub. REALLY impressed you got her. I am surprised more companies aren't hoovering up these much-loved PornHub stars. I really liked the ultra-close-up tongue kissing and licking starting around 4:25. I wish every video had several minutes of that. Lindsey, being a self-made star, knows how to play to her crowd, and she sizzles in this scene. Now there are some minor criticisms. The scale IS slightly off sometimes. It's hard to pinpoint how, exactly. Things just look larger than they should at times. Rolling off the zoom on my headset helped a little. The blowjob around 14:00 had this weird "dick coming out of my chest" phenomenon which meant I had to skip that scene. In other words, the dick placement in the shot is not aligned well. For missionary, it would be cool if you looked into how WankzVR do their close-up missionary scenes and copied those. (In fact, I wish every studio started doing that.) That's it. I really liked this scene and will keep an eye on SLR Originals. I hope you bring back Lindsey Love for some anal, as that is one of her "things".
BobbyBadass (10.03.2020)
@lemisfit  Thanks! 
SexLikeRealVR (06.03.2020)
@MontGom  Same camera and editing technique are used across SLR Originals. Glad you liked it!  
SexLikeRealVR (06.03.2020)
Damn, I really liked this one, she's great!
lemisfit (06.03.2020)
Scale is definitely off, she looks huge! Other than that, I think it was a really great scene: Lindsey feels really genuine, like it was all natural and no acting. Kissing parts were the best I have ever seen in VR. I´ll join the choir and hope if you ever bring her back, please please please do closeup missionary.
MontGom (29.02.2020)
@SLR Originals  I also found the scaling to be too large. I didn't noticed that issue on your others releases. Using SLR app in streaming (2160p) with Oculus Go.
slrp007 (29.02.2020)
@derekodio  We have almost every headset in the office, I'll check tomorrow again but chance are low something went wrong...
SLR Originals (27.02.2020)
@derekodio  I can confirm the same, was excited to watch scene but girl is 8ft tall over here as well and scene is unwatchable.  I am using a brand new oculus GO and downloading and streaming via Plex FYI.
davsmith2020 (27.02.2020)
@eeriephantom  Hey, thank you for support! We are constantly reading forums and comments, unfortunately we cannot guarantee certain things because those are living people on the camera, and sometimes things go out of hand (pun intended) and we don't have control over them. That being said, we are always trying to find a compromise to bring the best things into VR. Thanks! 
SexLikeRealVR (27.02.2020)
@eeriephantom  Oh yeah. Longer duration as well. I'd say 40-60 minutes.  Also just realized that this scene was creampie,  so a plus for creampie. I dislike videos that end with wasting cum, such as facials, splatting all over the body, and etc. I was a bit hesitant to buy this scene, due to its barely 30 minute duration, but I found love in this new lady Lindsey, so I made the purchase anyways for mi lady Lindsey.
eeriephantom (27.02.2020)
I request a scene(s) with her again, but with positions that involves more close up, face to face/eye contact. I'm the romantic type, so I like things like that. Especially up close eye contact missionary, but since its VR and not reality, so not too zoomed to the face because then peoples faces tend to look like distorted penguins and camels, but yeah, I'd buy a scene like that instantly!
eeriephantom (27.02.2020)
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