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Half-Life AlyXXX Parody (Fisheye 200°)

by SLR Originals


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Half-Life AlyXXX Parody (Fisheye 200°)

180° 60 FPS
Studio: SLR Originals
Starring: Tia Cyrus
Jul 7, 2020
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@SexLikeRealVR  I mean, are you really picking out scenes for "the scenario", though?
m0l0nlabeultra (1 day ago)
@SLR Originals  AHHH YEEEEA <3
g2kbuffetb0y (7 days ago)
@g2kbuffetb0y  Shooting Blake today ; ) 
SLR Originals (7 days ago)
@SexLikeRealVR  Just wondering if the Blake BGG shoot is still happening? Almost end of July, hehe. Thanks!
g2kbuffetb0y (10 days ago)
@g2kbuffetb0y  Fingers crossed hopefully as goes according to the plan! Let it be our little secret :  ) 
SexLikeRealVR (19 days ago)
@SexLikeRealVR  HOLY SHIT!!! BLAKE BLOSSOM IN A VR BGG!? Thank the VR heavens. Please make sure to have lots of forward cowgirl with her wonderful naturals in our faces, along with strong eye contact. Oh man I really want to know who her co-star will be too but I will be patient. Hopefully she has equally as beautiful tatas =). Definitely need a few shots of being sandwiched between both pairs of tits, and would love it if they would do dual-titty fucking, nipple-licking (on both each other, as well as the male), and tons of simultaneous lean-in positions. Thank you =)
g2kbuffetb0y (19 days ago)
Please do more scenes with facesitting like this
Cock1981 (20 days ago)
@virtualrealitykings  Hey, Blake is scheduled for the end of July, not June, actually paired with another bomb shell : D I can't wait how it'll turn out, more excited than anyone!
SexLikeRealVR (20 days ago)
@virtualrealitykings   😂😂😂
pronto (20 days ago)
hello friend, did you know you can't say slr on virtualtaboo.com it shows up as ***. I told those haters you don't need VR goggles to see my dick and they muted me lol. quick question...did you film with blake blossom at the end of June or did she flake, do you have a release date?
virtualrealitykings (20 days ago)
@valzod007  I guess it's a personal thing, fits the scenario tho 
SexLikeRealVR (22 days ago)
I love the darkness, as it reminds me most of real sex. Lights out and just some occasional dimly lit glimpses of how wonderful everything would look if you weren't in the middle of it all. Immersive as hell this way
olova (23 days ago)
Please stay away from "mood lighting". What's the use of hiring an attractive model, if we can't see them. Fortunately, SLR has brightness controls, but it's inconvenient. No one rarely complains about well light scenes. That's why not a fan of cosplayx porn, lighting typically not optional, uncomfortable, dark setting, outfits not sexy and often cover up too much for too long. I'm so glad you didn't hire Lauren Phillips or Sofi Ryan for a scene like this. What good is hiring a curvy model, if you can't see them :)
valzod007 (23 days ago)
Besides the lighting and the scaling issues that others pointed out already.. I might be just a little picky but Alyx has actually shorter hair, her dad is Black so there is her darker skin tone come from and I don't think that she had a Boob Job. Not that I don't like Tia or Fake Boobs, Tia locks amazing ant she did a good performance. I just see that often in a Porn Parody where the Model does not really Lock like the Character, what kind of kills the Fantasy. But like I said, maybe I am just picky
DeHalfMahl (23 days ago)
@creamtea10  I believe something got wrong is Quest/Go encoding. Will be fixing it.
pronto (25 days ago)
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