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Independence Day

by VirtualRealPassion


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180° 60 FPS
Starring: Anna De Ville Lady Dee Erik Everhard
Jul 8, 2020
Positions: sitting
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Lots of things come to your mind when you hear 4th of July. Fireworks, hot dogs, Independence Day Parade. But, what about freedom? Especially, sexual freedom (we love those words). This year, Erik Everhard, Anna de Ville and Lady Dee decided to celebrate on VirtualRealPassion and VirtualRealPorn what represents for them the autonomy of enjoying their sexuality with a BDSM game where the key word is FREEDOM! We don’t have to tell you that when you agree to go beyond the already known, using a dildo or masturbating the people you are playing with, are just few ways to have an orgasm full of emotion in Woman POV.

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Oh & I forgot to say that it was Anna De Ville that I like to see in a Lesbian POV or Lesbian Orgy POV but that might have been obvious by how focused my comment was on her lol.
MissLesbo (22 days ago)
First, I like to say that I'm glad that Anna De Ville finally did a female POV! I been waiting for a Female POV with her ever since I first saw her in the opening movie of my Iris Headset! Anna talks sexy & touches me/Lady Dee in this movie in sexy ways. But they is one issue that I had with this & that is that she gives No oral to me/Lady Dee! Sure, she does kiss above it, Is Very Close To It & also fingers & I think spit on it too but No Oral! I get that I'm supposed to be "watching" her & Erik but it's unfair that he gets oral pleasure & I/Lady Dee don't in a Female POV video For Ladies. Even so, I still liked this because of her sexy talk, the way she touch me/Lady Dee & It's Anna De Ville! Love to see in a straight up Lesbian POV or even better Lesbian Orgy POV (Men have been getting Orgy VR POV videos for years, it's about time us ladies get them! And no I'm not talking about threesomes like this one, I'm talking about A Straight Up Big Orgy lol)! P.S It's great to see Erik Everhard in this. He cracked me up in Nurses from Digital Playground.
MissLesbo (22 days ago)
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