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Tease And Denial

by VRedging


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180° 60 FPS
Studio: VRedging
Starring: Paula Shy
Jul 11, 2020
Positions: leaning
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@jsktx  I'm 6'1, you midget :)
unkb0b (20 days ago)
I disagree with the other commenter I think the camera POV on these latest two with Paula Shy is a big improvement over the first two, which had the camera way to close. Maybe it comes down to viewer size/height, I'm 5'11, I can see how somebody who's 5'6' might feel the camera was too distant. Content-wise I didn't care for this one but part two is good.
jsktx (21 days ago)
@unkb0b  I felt like camera position was actually good! That where my dick would be IRL 
SexLikeRealVR (22 days ago)
@VRedging  Thanks for listening. Regarding torso size, it doesn't vary by as much as your camera position unless you hired a pro basketball player this time - it was very, very different from previously. I suggest deciding on a fixed distance between camera and cock, and sticking with it. Somewhere around 22-24 inches from camera sensor. This will give you 100% consistency :)
unkb0b (24 days ago)
@unkb0b  Appreciate your feedback! Don‘t be disappointed with the scene ‚Tease and Denial’ as the second part is going to be released soon!  regarding too close cam: every male performer has different torso size and will not fit for everybody‘s embodyment, unfortunately.
VRedging (24 days ago)
The first 2 scenes were amazing but #3 is a fail, sorry! It's good that you're experimenting though, so that's cool. In scene 1 the cam was far too close, but fixable with 0.8 x DEO zoom out. In scene 2 the cam was only a little close, fixable with 0.9 x DEO zoom out. In this scene the cam is now far too distant, needs 1.3 x DEO zoom in, and looks shit because of the loss of resolution / perspective distortion from zooming. Apart from bad camera position, #3 is 100% vibrator on cock. No BJ / handjob. Not intimate or sexy at all for me. And no cum. Not even a ruined orgasm, just no cum shot. I'm all for trying new stuff, so points for originality but please get back to the quality of scenes 1 and 2 :) Peace!
unkb0b (24 days ago)
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