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Let's Get The English Teacher! (starring Japanese schoolgirls Amane & Yuu)

by CovertJapan


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Let's Get The English Teacher! (starring Japanese schoolgirls Amane & Yuu)

180° 60 FPS
Studio: CovertJapan
Starring: Yuu Amane
Sep 27, 2020
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One of your more fun English lessons is with 2 Japanese high school girls named Amane and Yuu. There's no class scheduled after theirs, so sometimes they hang out and chat at the end of the lesson. After this particular lesson, they seem to be up to something... They randomly play rock/paper/scissors. Dunno what that was about, but whatever... Then Yuu suddenly flashes her panties, and it seems these 2 adorable Japanese teens wanna play. You just can't resist the wily charms of Japanese school girls! The next thing you know, they're taking turns sucking your rock-hard cock, giving you the time of your life. And it turns out that the rock/paper/scissors game had a secret meaning behind it--Yuu won, so she's the one that gets to fuck you! Maybe these girls have pulled this sneaky scheme before?! As you enjoy the pleasures of Yuu's tight Asian teen pussy, Amane licks, sucks, gropes, and kisses her way into your heart. Yuu's little hole proves to be a velvet glove hell-bent on milking your spermy load, so you forget yourself and pack her teen uterus with a torrent of fertile baby batter. "Oh teacher, you came inside her!" LOL!

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